Zip, shit, spin it up backwards. Spin it down fall wards. Like Hall wards. Call words. All words.
My name is Brian and I'm trying, I'm high flying. Not crying.
I live in Worcester. It'll push ya and I'll smush ya.
I go to voke and I don't sniff coke. I'm not broke.
I'm a carpenter. I don't make fur. I made a cool cabinet. I picked up da hammer n gave it a hit. Then the wood split. And I saw a mit when I went to shit. Then I was finished wit it.
I made an ill bat. I think its phat. You could beat a rat or kill a cat. You probably think my freestylin' is wack. But if you don't like it you can go smoke some crack. Gotta big house not one mouse. Not even a rat, but a really fat cat dat sits on my doormat. A big blue car. It gets me pretty far. It's bazaar. A little bedroom that never needed a broom. It'll bring you doom. If you go in it, boom. You won't need to loom. Skies be dark wit gloom.
Yeah, Yeah. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me.
Also got an ill PC. Need a key. It knows who you be. It ain't free. You see. It only knows me. It got mad glee. You can play a TV wit some DVD on dat thang 1,000G. It's kinda slow. But, yo you could see a naked hoe fuckin' blow a dude wit a fro dat wants his dick to glow or a great sex show if you click Go.
With a nice color print. Out comes a pic of a runner in a sprint. It looks mint. Bling, Bling. Blang, Blang. Wu Tang Clang. Usin' my ghetto slang. It would be a shame, got good game, in da Hall of Fame down da drain. That's insane, like rain. Every grain. Not a plane. It's pain.
I be hearin' mad shit about Osama n his mama hidin' wit his lama. Imagine Osama Bin playin' a game and lettin' em win or dancin' wit Little Kim, wit the lights dim, workin' out in a gym. Shootin' hoops n bouncin' off da rim. Breakin' a limb, maybe a shin like an American. My boy be comin' over, he can find a place to sleep. He'll choose where he wants to snooze instead of drinkin' booze on the street and getting' change by dancin' to a beat or eating some feet. Oh, shit he be putting' on mad heat. By da way his name is mike. Hope he gotta bike or he gonna have to hike. I'm sure dat he won't like. Cuz we goin' up a hill. Then when we at da top we gonna chill, for real. Then when we goin' down we might get kill then how would you feel. Would you wanna eat a meal made outta a whale. Is it so wrong, dat this rap slash song is so long. Oh well, don't care. Gotta go smoke a bong and fuck a fat chick in a thong.
Yeah, Yeah. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. Dat's why I'm Jus Me . I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me.
I try to be livin' it up but, mad heads interrupt. All this shit always has to corrupt. Ugly-ass Earth things erupt. Mad niggas be black. Not all of them are wack but they smoke a great deal of crack. They should get a smack. Or if they see a girl they should jack inside of a shack with a fucked up back in a Cadillac. If a boy tries to throw u on the grass, don't take it. Stand up n kick his ass. Throw dat bitch on broken glass. Then start to harass. And if u wanna hit him. Hit him wit brass. Like the one u would use for bass.
Or like brass knuckles. Let him suck those. Then tell him to fuck toes. He'll say that blows. Beat him till he glows. But make sure it shows.
Or like bass fishin'. Cuz ur ass is what he'll be kissin'. Make him listen. Hurt him till' he's pissin'. He be pissin' his pants till it starts to glisten. When he's pissin' he be missin'. Take his money so, he can't pay for tuition. And his keys so, he cant use da ignition. He ain't no magician. That's a mission. He didn't screw wit you is what he be wishin'. Mad heads be bragn' bout what they be bling blingn'. Like what they be bringn'. Platinum n they be wearn' gold till they 80 years old and their bones, full of mold and when they die they get cold. Then they bring it to they grave cuz skeletons don't shave.
The whole nation gotta their edumacation. But some people wanna be crack heads and drug deala's. Da ones that'll kill ya's. So, whatever floats ur boat n if u can't find ur lost remote, look in a goat across the Middle East wit a mad screwed up beast that has never been kissed. If u go near, he won't care. He'll have as a feast, even if ur new album just got released. Nigga's over there will be pissed. They won't be pleased n da U.S. will not get ceased.
This chick I once knew looked so blue. She reminded me of someone. I said to her U remind me of a girl that I once screwed. I see her lips every time I do U. U would neva' believe what she did to me not knowing what I want or need. And this is why I can't fuck wit U. She didn't have a clue not even bout my crew. She said I was nice but kind hearted still. I still didn't care cuz she always farted.
It really stink especially silent but, deadly. When we was in bed she n I wouldn't sleep a wink. It had to link. At least to another. That's why I couldn't breathe. It would smother, my air. Da smell would go through me and straight to my brother. Next to her mother. Dat's what n why we had to take cover. I really didn't wanna be her lover. I would always shove her, off da bed sometimes hit her head. Bled red.
Yeah, Yeah. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me.
Yo I'll do a fat chick in a thong like I said before. But I'll neva fuck a whore. Least not any more. That's for sure. They let out a big roar when they hit the floor. So don't ignore, go explore. Cuz there was this girl, she told the whole world. She was suckin' my cock like a rock and she was choken' on my pubies probably cuz she was smokin' bout 50 doobies while my hand was on her boobies and hers on 20 red rubies And it was funny cuz this was all at the movies. If I was a comic I'd hada be funny or there won't be mo' money to bring home to my honey. And she be cryn and her eyes be runny. It'll be like the world ain't sunny. I like to Skate. I don't have much hate n I'm always late. I'm not a master but I been tryna' do a disaster but I guess gotta go faster.
Yeah, Yeah. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. Dat's why I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me. I'm Jus Me.
My favorite kinda soda is da color of dat Star Wars dude, “Yoda.” Also da color of slime. Its lemon-lime. I like it n I'm sure dats no crime but if I stole a dime, I'll have 2 do da time. Dats another problem but I'll be screwed if I go to some dudes crib n rob em. Da cops get there night stick n klobb em. I'm lookn for more thangs 2 rap if not dis shit will sound like crap n I'll probably get a slap but instead I gotta chick sittn on my lap. She look bangn cuz she jus woke from a nap. Been waitn cuz dis girl I will tap. I'm goin down south so I'm gonna need a map. Da bees n da birds every wing will flap. Dis is bout to go down cuz she got me in a trap. I can't break one strap as da crowd yells they start to clap. Oh snap.