Go Go Go Go Go Go  Go Shorty. It'z ya birtday. We Gon' party like it'z ya birtday. We gon' sip Two dogs like it'z ya birtday. N you know we don't give a care unless it'z ya birtday.
    You could find me in Auburn, chilln' in da hot tub n im not into x so don't worry. I ain't inta taken drugs. I aint haven sex n I aint getting any love. I'ma miss ya so come gimmie a hug.
    Ya see me roll-up out front, I'm in da Chevy. I ain't pullin' a stunt. I got da ghettoest house but, it'z funny how you da one wit da dead mouse.. in ya backyard. I'm not gon' be home all summer cuz umma be at ya crib or I'll be skatin' till I get a broken rib. I be hangin' wit ya and yellin' at Ana but don't let her hit ya. She gets mad, she wanna play on da swings. But dats too bad n ya can't even talk cuz da phone always rings.
    Sometimes I jus get to ya place cuz my car is so messed up, it can't even keep up da pace. Dis piece of shit car can't get me too far. It'z always broken down, what's next, it'z smokin' now. It'z probly gon' blow up in my face before I know it. Everythin' at home is ghetto n I show it. Ya lucky ya got dis 93 off ya hands, now you don't have to see all the problems I deal with, man. I had a dream bout ya livin' in a mansion. I wish it was real but it wasn't. It'z you and Eric now I got a new future cousin.
    It'z like now you could find me in da crib. Adriana grownin' up, no bottle or bib. Pretty soon she be learnin' to fib. They grow up so fast. When she's a teen she's gon' have a blast. She should make da time last. When she an adult she cant go back in da past. Maybe she could. That'll be good. Wit da technology in da future. Imagine her being a celeb n get Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher. She be da 1st female president or she could jus be anther Auburn resident. I'm startin' to sound like nas, she could be what she wanna be. But she could be Miss America looking so stunningly.
    You could find me in Auburn, chilln' in da hot tub n im not into x so don't worry. I ain't inta taken drugs. I aint haven sex n I aint getting any love. I'ma miss ya so come gimmie a hug.
    It'z like you barely watch T.V. so there's no static. You findin' new things, even new rooms in ya attic. Ya got somethin' wrong wit ya sink n da pipes really stink. I ain't be chillin' much cuz I gotta go to summer school n dat ain't cool. I feel like a fool. Mad hot hard to stay cool. Ya traded in ya Prelude, for an ill-ass truck. It'z like u in luck. Put in another buck. Got one fast Chevy. Black and heavy.
    Get ready for Ghetto-Get-Wetto like I'm slippin' through a meadow cuz my speed to slide is faster than a Corvetto. Gotta tarp and water. Every year my videos from da camera get hotter. It'z like a ghetto version of jackass. So, soon as I get out of this whack class. I'm back in action. No distraction. I rise to da people's satisfaction.
    Datz da second time Six Flaggs wasn't fun. In da rain we had to run. Then we came back n it was packed. It was a nice day wasn't too hot but there wasn't one parking spot. Loaded da truck wit rocks. Didn't break da shocks. You attract guys n u attract ticks. There ain't nothing I can't fix, at least not the ghetto way. I ain't a plumber but I helped install a toilet. I didn't spoil it. I solved a problem. I fixed the bobber it wasn't bobbin'. But I still think da burnouts were awesome.
    Yo ya got drunk wit ya friend. Ya started to look out da window. Ya thought it was gonna be da end. But there was somethin' ya didn't know. The light was on and now the night goes on. Ana's still sleepin'. Da neighbors saw you peepin'. You thought da man was gon' come creepin'. So ya got scared. Ya started to lock up da house so u be safe and sound. Gonna' lock da window till da AC fell outside on da ground. Ya yellin' “Mista' please don't kill us!” While ya girls back laughin' n pissin' on da pillows.
    Ya help me on my projects n ya jus saved me a whole school year but now the end to my school days is almost here. I'm almost an adult… Well, at least legally. Ya got dis new home n new toilet so da handle ain't jigglly. Cuz the other ones were. Ya gotta cool dog wit nice fur. Named after Da Camaro. Ya ain't gotta ladder for da attic so ya gotta use da bureau. You outta da Ghettoville now I ain't gonna forget you I'm jus gonna chill down. We both need a job n we both need money. Hopefully when we go camping it'll be sunny. I kinda think it'z pretty funny. Camp in da same place. Part of the same race. Grew up in da same ghetto. Upland Garden. Now ya jus startin', a new life. No ugly apartment. Gonna have a new wife. Sometimes you wanna sleep n I be watchin' Ana. So I try not to wake you. This is the end n I jus wanna say thank you.