Ahhh! I got hit by a fuckin' plane. I ain't dead yet!
Ahhh! I got hit by a fuckin' train. I ain't dead yet!
Ahhh! I got hit by the fuckin' rain. I drop dead, itz more than pain.
Some things ain't right, some things don't capture the light. Itz like da big things don't hurt. Ya skatin' on a half pipe, then ya skatin' vert. Somethin' bigga', how you figgya. Da rails are small. Datz whats death n datz what breaks ya fall. I dream of havin' a half pipe in muh back yard, like every skater does. I'm a carpenter, I can do it. But itz mad hard cuz. It'll be pretty sick ta have a skatepark of ya own. Ya wake up, skate n go break a bone. Ya could charge kids an arm and a leg justa skate cuz it ain't their home. I made an ill deck. Yeah itz pretty sick. I use ¾ inch pine. So I know itz pretty thick. Itz gotta cool design. I shoulda' used plywood, but I tried dat before. It didn't work out so I ain't usin' it anymore. Three tricks in my mind - Switch da bitch. Nollie da dollie. N 180 da lady. I can do more tricks than just da ollie. Cuz I'm doin' a wallie. Datz a jump off da wall. I'm pretty sick at da nose stall. Even if I fall, I get back to muh feet. I'm not all into vert. I'm better at street. I'm also good at flatland. Once I almost broke my bad hand. I fractured muh thumb n wrist. It hurt n I was pissed. If u ain't neva been kissed. Then you never kissed the rail. If you gonna trip, then you gonna fall n you gonna bail. You wanna play some graffiti, I'll skate n make the steal. If ya break ya neck hows dat gonna feel. We playin' skate. I'm gonna win. Cuz I got mad trix skatin' out or in. How much air can you get off a kicker? You ain't gonna be skatin' so well if you be takin' a sip of dat liquor. Muh wheels on my trucks are mad slow. Somehow I gotta make `em quicka'. I got my own style n I got my own flow. I'm good but I'm not a pro. I got skill on a board. Pavement or snow. I skate at my crib, I skate at camps. I skate at parks. Skatin' ramps. I been to a couple parks. Grafton n Skaters Paradise. I fly on da ramps so nice. I built two boards jus cuz I didn't wanna pay no high price. I ain't got no dough. I barely buy my own skate shit. I get cheap-ass boards n I'm startin' to hate it. Rail tricks, board slide n grind. Mad skaters of all kind. Different nationalities n midgets. Wee man skaters n high digits. Polish kids n white boy rockers wit big hits. I'm a gangsta skater. I rap, build boards n skate on `em later. I skate up n down n around da funbox. Hopin' I ain't be slippin' n trippin' on some rocks. I be getting' mad cuts, scrapes n bruises. At least they ain't major injuries like santa fallin' off of chiminies. I ain't gotta broken leg walkin' around on a peg. I'm not leanin' on crutches. Never been in a competition in front of judges. If I was a little better, I'd make dis a career. But I suck right now, so I don't care. I can manual down slopes. I skate good n I know the ropes. I rhyme as fast as I skate. I skate as fast as I rhyme. If you gonna race I `ll come out wit da fastest time. If you wonderin' how I do it, itz not cuz I'm cheatin'. Itz really cuz I been bleedin'. Dat shit makes me light. I zoom by you like a jet in mid-flight. Plus I'm shorter. I ain't got much height. Nother reason ya won't see me is if itz at night. Sometimes I think I don't have many talents. But I can skate n dat be takin mad balance. I been skating for three years n I already broke six boards. I'm not into fords. I skate towards, the goal. Nose slide da pole. I can't catch air off da bowl. Sometimes I skate good. Sometimes I skate bad. When I'm good, I'm glad. More skill is what I wish I had. Ya have ya bad days n ya have ya good. There ain't many skaters from da hood. I'm probably gonna be da first even though I'm already da worst.