I'm Masta B Rappa. Well my real name is Brian Gedutis. I was born right here in Worcester. January 31, 1986. I'm 18 years old, I'm white n I rap.
    I'm into skate, carpentry n rap. I was 10 when I started listening to rap music. At age 16, I started rapping and rhyming myself. I was almost 17 when I started to write raps. I thought of making some songs and putting them on a CD. I came up with Masta B Rappa as a rapper name and BDoGG Records as a fake ghetto record label that's in my room. My car and house is ghetto so I came up with Ghettoville as the name of the CD album. Now I can write raps, freestyle and beat box.
    Skateboarding came into my life at age 8. I got my first skateboard then. It was a small, little, ghetto, plastic, blue skateboard that was 6 inches wide and about 20 inches long and ¾ of an inch thick. I learned to maneuver around and stop n go till 14. When I started freshman year, my first year of high school, I got into freestyle and the tricks. So now I build ramps n boards and skate on them. I'm also into snowboarding and almost every extreme sport.
    Ever since my father left me my first tape measure, I liked to do carpentry. I work on things with my grandfather and he has taught me a lot about woodworking. I got a lot more tools as I got older and at 14 I took carpentry as a trade in school. I plan to get a carpenters license and become a master carpenter. I'm gonna build my own house and work in the carpenters union. I'm just becoming an adult now and I might make another CD sometime in the next couple of years. I'm graduating from Worcester Voke in Class of 2004.